The only sweet water lake of Odisha

Take a day off and come here in the lap of Ansupa

Things to do at Ansupa : Boating And Fishing

It was in the blind side of Odisha Govt till 1999, but Govt took a giant step afterwards to make it as tourist favorite. Most of the people from the surrounding are dependent upon its water ecosystem. They use to catch fish from this lake through their boats. And now this place has been developed a lot, Boating facility is available there.

If you are tired and seek of your job life and you are thinking of a break then you should definitely come here and spend some time on the boat in the middle of Anshupa. In one side you will find the sky kissing the head of Saranda hill and on the other side a green layered water spreading over more than 5 km long. Pink coloured lillies and white coloured weed flowers are gonna steal your heart definitely. Anshupa too act as a home for many migratory birds in the winter.

Spend Some Time In The Anshupa Park

There is small park just at the bank of the lake that is well decorated with multicolored flowers and trees. If you are going with your love or family then you are gonna enjoy the peace of this environment definitely. Just after your picnic spend some time in this park in the after noon, when the sun turns reddish and makes the water of Anshupa glitters.

The sight of Anshupa becomes more beautiful in the evening, when the sun is about to set in the other side of Saranda Hills. the atmosphere goes foggy in the evening, water drops are everywhere on the red petals of the rose and on the green leaves of lotus. You will find the sky filled up with returning birds to their nests. Its all about nature, no one can re create this. If you want to be a part of this natural process and enjoy your life for sometime then come to Anshupa, the only fresh water lake of Odisha.