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Saptasajya Hill

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Saptasajya is a small hill station present in Dhenkanal district, that is around 20 km away from Ansupa. The name Saptasajay means seven hills. This place was surrounded by seven hills.

Saptasajya is a tourist destination where people usually come for one day visit to relax their mind and soul. This place is full of jungles, monkeys, tall trees and granary.

Saptasajya Hill station
Mythological Origin

Mythologically this place finds its mention in many legends. According to folklore, it derives the name from the surrounding seven hills. There is a different folklore that the Saptarishi had their ashramas in this place thereby giving the place its name as the Seven Beds or Seven Homes. There is also a mythological story, that, Rama during his exile or vanvasa had spent seven days in this beautiful spot. Another folklore goes that the Pandavas during their 12 years of exile and one year of Agyata Vasa (incognito exile) had chosen these mountains for shelter.

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