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Dhabaleswar Temple

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If you are coming to Ansupa then you should pay a visit to one of the oldest temple of Lord Shiva that is 785 years old, and enjoy the scenic view at this small island. Dhabaleswar Temple is around 30 km away from Ansupa. You can go by bus or drive yourself there.

Dhabaleswar Temple is Odisha's one of the oldest temple situated in a small island of river Mahanadi. This temple was built to worship lord Shiva by the ruler of Khurdha Bir Kishor in late 1153 of Saka era which would be 1232 AD, that is 785 years old now.

Dhabaleswar Temple
Mythological Origin

The name Dhabaleswar ( Dhabala or White + Eeswar or God ) is attributed to a miracle performed by Lord Shiva. Once a thief stole a black bull calf from a village and fled to a Shiva temple. He hid himself with the calf in the sanctum while the angry crowd waited outside the temple. The crowd could clearly hear the calf calling out. The thief prayed fervently to Lord Shiva to deliver him from the crowd. Taking pity on him, the Lord appeared as a Sanyassin before the crowd and asked them the cause of their agitation On being told that they suspected the thief of hiding in the sanctum along with the black calf, the sanyassin brought the calf outside to dispel their doubts. The calf turned out to be white, seeing which the crowd let the thief go. The sanyassin disappeared and the thief realized who had come to his aid. He confessed and apologized to the crowd. He took a vow to spend the rest of his life in the service of the Lord. The act of turning a black calf to white caused Lord Shiva to be also known as Dhabaleswara.

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