The only sweet water lake of Odisha

Ansupa : The Only Fresh Water Lake of Odisha

Geographic Description

Ansupa Lake is one of the largest fresh water lake of Odisha situated in Banki, Cuttack. It was created by Mahanadi and got a shape like the hoof of a horse. It spreads over a vast area of 141 hectare, and surrounded by Saranda Hills in its length. It is about 65 km away from Bhubaneswar and 70 km away from Cuttack. It

The place is a small but full of natural sceneries. One side you can see the hills touching the sky and full with greeneries other side the vast water lake with colourful flowers and leaves of water plants. The beauty of the site goes to the top of its height when the sun returns home in west. The evening spent in the bank of the lake will always be a eye catching scene for me. With the eye catching natural scenery we can get a glimpse of historic events. Though the King and his empire is not there but one can feel the presence of royal essence there today also. The gates, the weapon house, hidden underground paths gives a taste of ancient civilization.

Water Ecosystem

Anshupa Lake was a part of Mahanadi before and by the passage of time it got disconnect from the latter. Anshupa maintained its link with Mahanadi through two nallahs Kabula and Hulahula, flood water enter to this lake via these two nallahs. Boating facility in this lake is awesome, its a definite if you are visiting this place.

Memories at Ansupa

I miss my childhood and those memories I had with my friends beside this lake. I lost one of my friend Somya Ranjan(Sony) in an unfortunate bike accident, and another friend Prasant(Guli) lost one of his eyes. I dedicate this website to the loving memories of Sony. Here is a snap you can see how much fun we used to have beside ansupa.

Tapan kumar

By Profession Tapan is software engineer. He belongs to a village named Gholapur, which is 3 k.m away from this awesome lake, He spent a hell lot of time in the bay of this lake and loved this place.

He took this step by creating this website to bring this virgin place to the sight of people and to make ansupa a bit popular.