The only sweet water lake of Odisha

Ansupa Lake

Ansupa Lake is one of the largest fresh water lake of Odisha situated in Banki, Cuttack. It was created by Mahanadi and got a shape like the hoof of a horse. It spreads over a vast area of 141 hectare, and surrounded by Saranda Hills in its length. It is about 65 km away from Bhubaneswar and 70 km away from Cuttack.

The Hill

The lake is surrounded with high hills. One can have a view of high hills around the lake. From the top of the hills the view of the lake and its surrounding is really eye catching.

The Lake

The place is a small but full of natural sceneries. One side you can see the hills touching the sky and full with greeneries other side the vast water lake with colourful flowers and leaves of water plants.

Bamboo Cottages

The Govt of Odisha is taking initiative to attract the tourists to this place. There is facility for night stay here. The rooms are build in a unique style. The rooms are build with bamboo.