Anshupa Lake | The one and only sweet water lake of Odisha
  • Anshupa : The Only Fresh Water Lake of Odisha

    Geographic Description

    Anshupa Lake is one of the largest fresh water lake of Odisha situated in Banki, Cuttack. It was created by Mahanadi and got a shape like the hoof of a horse. It spreads over a vast area of 141 hectare, and surrounded by Saranda Hills in its length. It is about 65 km away from Bhubaneswar and 70 km away from Cuttack. It

    The place is a small but full of natural sceneries. One side you can see the hills touching the sky and full with greeneries other side the vast water lake with colourful flowers and leaves of water plants. The beauty of the site goes to the top of its height when the sun returns home in west. The evening spent in the bank of the lake will always be a eye catching scene for me. With the eye catching natural scenery we can get a glimpse of historic events. Though the King and his empire is not there but one can feel the presence of royal essence there today also. The gates, the weapon house, hidden underground paths gives a taste of ancient civilization.

    Water Ecosystem

    Anshupa Lake was a part of Mahanadi before and by the passage of time it got disconnect from the latter. Anshupa maintained its link with Mahanadi through two nallahs Kabula and Hulahula, flood water enter to this lake via these two nallahs.

    Boating facility in this lake is awesome, its a definite if you are visiting this place.

    Things To Do
  • Saranda Hills : The Dying Glory Of Past

    Saranda Hills

    The lake is surrounded with high hills. One can have a view of high hills around the lake. From the top of the hills the view of the lake and its surrounding is really eye catching. The hill contains the mark of historic events. One can sense the glory of the old days. The large spread water of lake Anshupa gives a scenic view. The tribal people add a different essence to the beauty of the place. The locality is not yet fully developed. The people are still not aware of the modern amenities. The people of the hill and there sweet behaviour will surely make you remember the grandmaa's age. In this busy schedule its really difficult to find people like these tribal people. They will feel happy to describe you the stories of their life-style and inhabitant.

    In scientific point of view also the place is a home for variety of wild animals and plants. One can see a variety of plants here. The evening in these hills are really great. If anyone is lucky enough then he may have a chance to see the wild animals like wolf,fox and even people say they have seen cheetah and leopard here. But as the time passes out those wild life is rare now. That was a different experience to the wild life from so near. With the support of Odisha Govt the Forest Department is going to have a dear park in those hills very soon. That will be definitely a very good experience.

    The Bamboo Project

    The Govt of Odisha is taking initiative to attract the tourists to this place. There is facility for night stay here. The rooms are build in a unique style. The rooms are build with bamboo. That will give a different experience to the tourists. People can enjoy in the place with different activities like camp fire. The view of these rooms will definitely be a unique for your photo gallery.

  • Location Guide

    Anshupa Lake is 70 km away from the Silver City, Cuttack and 65 km away from the Temple City and capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. Anshupa Lake is present in Banki and acts as a shelter for many more migratory birds in the wintry weather season.

    This fresh water lake comes in the middle of a state highway that connects Athgarh and Banki, two major blocks of Cuttack district.

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    Tourist Guide

    If you are planning to visit this awesome place then Winter season will be the best time of the year to enjoy the beautiful sights of this magnificent fresh water lake, Anshupa.
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  • Things To Do In Anshupa

    Boating And Fishing

    It was in the blind side of Odisha Govt till 1999, but Govt took a giant step afterwards to make it as tourist favorite. Most of the people from the surrounding are dependent upon its water ecosystem. They use to catch fish from this lake through their boats. And now this place has been developed a lot, Boating facility is available there.

    If you are tired and seek of your job life and you are thinking of a break then you should definitely come here and spend some time on the boat in the middle of Anshupa. In one side you will find the sky kissing the head of Saranda hill and on the other side a green layered water spreading over more than 5 km long. Pink coloured lillies and white coloured weed flowers are gonna steal your heart definitely. Anshupa too act as a home for many migratory birds in the winter.

    Spend Some Time In The Anshupa Park

    There is small park just at the bank of the lake that is well decorated with multicolored flowers and trees. If you are going with your love or family then you are gonna enjoy the peace of this environment definitely. Just after your picnic spend some time in this park in the after noon, when the sun turns reddish and makes the water of Anshupa glitters.

    The sight of Anshupa becomes more beautiful in the evening, when the sun is about to set in the other side of Saranda Hills. the atmosphere goes foggy in the evening, water drops are everywhere on the red petals of the rose and on the green leaves of lotus. You will find the sky filled up with returning birds to their nests. Its all about nature, no one can re create this. If you want to be a part of this natural process and enjoy your life for sometime then come to Anshupa, the only fresh water lake of Odisha.

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